Photographer LENA HERZOG shows the emotional side of the fiesta in her book "Tauromaquia"

El País

By Margot Molina
Published: April 19, 2002


"What interests me most about corrida is suspense" (Lena Herzog)

"She was six when she picked up a book of Los Caprichos by Goya and became fascinated with tauromaquia. In 1997 the photographer was confronted with the "beauty, the horror, the grandeur and the crudeness" in the bullfight arena of Seville for the first time. Since then, for 32 afternoons she went to the arena with her camera in hand.

"... she does not photograph the celebrity bullfighters ... what interests her is this world, the sensibility, the intensity of the stares of the protagonists of the fiesta."

"The suspense is what always interested me most about the bullfight. The ritual is preordained, but the outcome isn't. When one overcomes the natural fear of being in front of a bull, one has to feel a sensation of great freedom, which is what we search for so intensely. People demand a hero, so that they can associate themselves with him."